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Tally Support:

Full time significantly capable Tally customer care organizations are by and by open for Bangladeshi Accounting Software customers. Business Software Solutions Limited offers you a wide extent of Tally support and helps that fuses, anyway not confined. Tally after arrangements organization, Tally customization organizations, Tally cautioning organizations, Tally planning organizations, Tally execution organizations etc. You may know, We are the principal provider of  Accounting Software in Bangladesh.

Tally after sales services:

Business Software Solutions Limited is a trusted distributor of Tally programming in Bangladesh. Regardless, we move Tally programming just as give our customers world-class after arrangement organizations at a sensible cost. Since Tally is an actual programming program that handles complex exercises, various people. May find it a stunning task to get settled with the item and work it genuinely. So we offer overall after arrangements organizations to guarantee that our clients get the best out of their Tally programming. Tally after arrangements organization is tied in with giving steady help and sponsorship to our regarded clients.

Tally customization services:

We are totally aware of the individual choices of our customers. We understand that you have to change your item according to your own special tendencies. Regardless, if you are new to this and working Tally out of nowhere. You may go up against a couple of difficulties while modifying the choices especially the pushed features of the item. So, we are adding new customers with Tally customization organizations. Under this customization pack, we spread all the generally used features of Tally starting from module confirmation to the forefront stock and stock organization.

Tally.NET Services

Tally.ERP 9 programming joins many limits (enabled by methods for the Internet) by an organization called Tally.NET. The yearly schedule is joined with Tally.ERP 9 for the essential year. Along these lines, you are urged to purchase in to benefit the going with organizations. Apparent charge of 20% of the then basic thing cost.


All data of your business will stay with you locally. It will never be secured on Tally.NET servers or on systems getting to that data by Accounting Software methods for Remote Access.


Fused inside Tally.ERP 9 and Shoper 9, this new component enables the customers to report and track their inquiries from inside the thing. You can explicitly concentrate on the request to your normal Tally Service Provider. Or some other Tally Service Provider if you are making your first inquiry and get responses quickly. These can even be called for and saw remotely. You would have the capacity to use the reference number to raise the issue to Tally’s Customer Center in case you need to.

After some time, this capacity will be extended to cover you’re Chartered Called or distinctive colleagues. Allies using Tally.ERP 9 to augment the horizon of your assistance natural network.

You can like manner get to all of the exchanges midway. This will revise the route toward having an abstract point of view on the sorts of issues people in your association raise. Which will empower you to perceive gaps in learning or other steady system issues.


The Control Center enables customers to midway plan and oversees Site/User having a spot with a record. Along these lines. The Control Center goes about as an interface between the customer and the Tally.ERP 9 presented at different goals.

With the Control Center, you save time, travel and letter cost. Supervise Tally.ERP 9 foundations beneficially and effectively in light of the fact that it enables you to:

Right Licenses Perform Central Configuration

Direct Users

Direct Company Profile

Right record

Change Passwords

Keep up Activity History

Self-organization using Knowledge Base

The Tally has submitted a giant assurance for the things and understanding of its applications to customers. Customers can get to the Knowledge Base and request from available focuses at whatever point it may suit them.

Programming Assurance Services.

Get minute thing refreshes and updates as and when they happen.

Data Synchronization Services.

By and in terms of professional career data effectively between no less than two Tally licenses (realized at different zones).



Tally Customization: ________________________________________

Every business affiliation has its own forte and methods relying upon. What it needs to change business structures, securities, and controls, Management Information Systems (MIS), atomization at various measurements, the blend of different limits and programming. The effectiveness and properties of Earth partition of default Tally ERP 9 can meet 90% of the components of any business. The rest 10% is the uniqueness of the business that requires some additional limits. That should be thinkable by the customization of Tally. Business Software Solutions Bangladesh authorizes you building up your business by giving the two Packages programming and adjusted programming.


#Ensure the best suitable use of Tally ERP 9. #Increases customer execution and benefit. #Reduce cost of Business Operations. #Create significant business advantage over a test.


Tally ERP 9 is architected to be a phase and is planned to help wide Tally Customization. Tally ERP 9 goes with an execution Kernel, a go-between and an enhancement language Tally Definition Language (TDL). Using TDL, you can enhance or change the default lead of Tally ERP 9. Grow focus value by interfacing a bespoke application energized by Tally ERP 9’s support for exclusively produced DLLs and XSLT. Tally ERP 9 supports ODBC and import and toll of data in standard data bunches like XML and CSV. Tally ERP 9 has a SOAP gathering of people, which helps in online coordination and with various business instruments.


Business Software Solutions relates personally with the customers, appreciate their business limits, express necessities, structures and reports it. The purchase by then checks the measure of the need can be satisfied by using the default handiness of the Tally programming. If there is a gap it is recognized and taken up for Tally customization. As it guaranteed that the customer takes the most extraordinary favored point of view of Tally characteristics.


#Alter the handiness work procedure and techniques of the Tally programming to fit the customers business essential. # Make changes to the UI screen. #Creating more data fields in Masters and trades. #Putting more prominent security and control at the field level or trade level. #Customizing Invoice and other record printouts like Purchase ask for voucher-cum-check. #Developing additional thing functionalities like admission documentation, Material Requirement Planning. #Tally Integration incorporates data exchange between Tally.ERP 9 and pariah programming.

Synchronization Services

Tally.ERP 9 authorizes you to manage all of your data from different zones whether from your nearby office or preparing plant zones to the Head Office in just a solitary tick.

The synchronization organizations help people from various places from the Head Office will in all likelihood get consistent data.

Tally synchronization works in two various courses: Through Tally.NET and Through Static IP.

Any affiliation can use any of the going with sorts of synchronization as indicated by their business necessities.

One way Tally Data Synchronization:

When you need all your neighborhood working environment data to go to the Head Office. The Head Office segments being sent to the branch working environments. One-way Data Synchronization is the best for your business type.

Two way Tally Data Synchronization
Provide information in two ways. Collect information from multiple places and be unlisted in one place.
Exiled information will be sent from the branch.
Two way Filter Tally Data Synchronization.

Associations that get data from Multiple fields in their Head Office. Require that data ought to go in both the ways can pick Filter Synchronization. Where all of the data from the branch will be sent to the Head Office. Anyway just picked voucher types are sent from Head Office to the branch office.

Data Synchronization in Tally should be conceivable whenever of time. It will, in general, be after every entry, evening time or toward the day’s end.

We have been giving Tally data synchronization all through Bangladesh, interestingly in Big urban territories like Dhaka, Chittagong, and Khulna.

Accounting Software in Bangladesh

The Accounting software is a part and parcel in any business organization because accounting software is used to maintain daily organizational business operation. Accounting software can tremendously reduce business operating costs and times that can bring great success for a financial organization. To achieve business success, financial organizations are intended to buy reliable accounting software from the software provider. But choosing a reliable accounting software provider is very tough for organizations. Business Software Solution is one of the largest and famous accounting software providers who provide accounting software in Bangladesh with great fame.
There are a hundred reasons behind the use of accounting software, some for gaining business successes, some for gaining competitive advantages from others and some for maintaining business data. Here are the lists of features that describe why accounting software is an important one for the financial organization.

     a) To operate a business operation

     b) Produce business charts

     c) Perform business operation accurately

     d) To reduce operation time

     e) To gain competitive advantage from others and so on

Why use this software?

We use accounting software to maintain our business operation, to perform our financial task perfectly. But the question is what kinds of accounting software are best suitable for our organization. There are lists of accounting software are available in our countries such as Troy, Tally, and QuickBooks. You can select one of the accounting software based on your organizational criteria. If you run a large organization or if you are a student then Tally software is suitable for you. Here are some lists

our facilities

Most of the time business students and business entrepreneurs are searching for Accounting software in Bangladesh. There are a few companies we have found throughout the country who provide reliable accounting software. Here are some lists that describe why actually you choose Business Software Solution as a good accounting software provider.

  1. Business Software Solution provides latest and upgraded software
  2. Each software has the latest features
  3. Low cost but quality products
  4. Low maintenance costs
  5. Strong customer support

The importance of accounting software cannot be described within a few words. It is a business process. To use this accounting software you need to understand business processes and business operations. In today’s world, everything is converted in automated processes. Organizations can easily achieve maximum throughput with minimum resources by using accounting software. Even to take competitive and strategic advantages, organizations are looking for reliable accounting software. By thinking all criteria Business Software Solution has started their journey to assist with the business organizations. Business Software Solution provides the latest accounting software and they also provide maintenance support for organizations that are not available in other providers. So that you can buy accounting software from Business Software Solution.

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